When will it start?

As you read this, try not to think of everyone else who should be reading this series. Rather, try to think: how can I improve myself? How can I harness the power within me?? Much of what we’ve seen and heard influences the way we perceive our future. This is not always an issue unless the things we’ve seen and heard don’t allow us to keep the right frame of mind. You see, everything you surround yourself with will define who you are and who you’ll become.

There is no special formula that you can follow that will “magically” change your life. There is, however, a series of steps you can take to perpetuate these changes in a systematic fashion. We discussed “where it comes from” and found that it comes from with in. But that energy and power, while it comes from within, is affected by everything in comes in contact with.

It reminds a lot of tofu. Have you ever tasted tofu?? By itself it’s pretty bland, no real taste. However, start adding seasoning, other peppers and ingredients what happens. The inert taste coming from within the tofu changes because of everything it comes in contact with. It’s taste transforms based on that which it absorbs. Pretty interesting huh?

That’s exactly how the power from within us works. Now, you’ve probably realized that this power can effectively be great and incredible, a positive force that helps others as much as it helps you. Or it can be a negative force that complicates your life and discourages you and those around you. Since you have the power, which would you choose? You see once you decide, that is when it begins.

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