Do you feel in control?

Over the course of time, you will come to see that many of the events of your life are related in some way or another. The most fundamental connection is your spirit. No, I do not refer to your spirit in a spiritual sense but rather your inner spirit or power. The one that you control, direct, empower and impact upon your universe. Did you know that you, and you alone, are the control behind this force ?

I know you are now probably thinking, oh boy, here they go again: “Think your way through it!” …. “You hold your own destiny” …. “blah,blah, blah” Well, all of those schools of thought have a basis in the truth. An example: Studies have found that our bodies respond greatly to our frame of mind. In fact when we are excited about a future event, or anticipating something to happen, the increased adrenaline stimulates the immune system and raises our corporal defenses. It would therefore be reasonable to consider that our mind is more powerful than perhaps we give it credit for.

Here’s a question for you: If you knew you had an invisible ability to influence the lives and feelings of others for their betterment, what would you do? Remarkably with one look, one comment, or even with a single thought you could change the course of someones life. This is the why of this topic. Why should we even spend time on this idea?   Because, this force is very important and it can yield so much power. However, in order to harness this inner strength, you must first learn to control it on yourself.a96192d3214aa421016bf8aebe7ee358

Challenge yourself each day to something better than the day before. This begins the training process that allows you to develop this incredible gift. You will find that, as the days and weeks come to pass, your life and experiences will start to change. You will see how your universe begins to network with new people, and environments. Your spirit will absorb new power, and your power will attain new levels.

Do not let the power be used for the wrong purpose. Keep track of your progress, take note of changes whether they be good or bad. This will allow you to see where you need to strengthen or redirect your thoughts and energy.

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